My journey to beginning a counselling practice has crossed much of Canada. I grew up in the Peterborough region and decided to go to British Columbia to study many years ago. I had never been out of my time zone before and was craving adventure and independence. I completed my undergrad degree at Trinity Western University because I wanted to explore my own faith while I received my degree. More recently I have completed my Master’s Degree in Counselling Psychology at Adler University in Vancouver.

During my professional career I have worked primarily with families going through difficult circumstances, from children with special needs to generational abuse and addiction issues. I recognize the strain that complex life stress places on individuals, marriages and families. I have a particular passion to work with people who have experienced trauma and may struggle with resulting challenges.

I have also learned that while our relationships can be our greatest challenge and can be the origin of stress and trauma, often it is within relationships that we gain resilience and healing. The therapeutic relationship can be a powerful way to begin the journey to richer, healthier interconnection with the others in your world.

We all have a complex myriad of relationships and hold many titles. I am a daughter (of both adoptive and birth parents), wife, mother, friend, colleague and counsellor. I am continually learning about myself, both strengths and imperfections, and I find life's classroom to be exciting and, at times, overwhelming. I have journeyed back to Ontario primarily because I have learned that independence has limits and I am happy to have returned to be closer to my family again. I look forward to this portion of my personal adventure.