Consulting and Training

I have had the opportunity to gain a great deal of knowledge in areas such as Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder, Trauma, Attachment, Brain Development and Sensory Integration. I am able to provide training on a combination of these topics. In the past I have trained parents, teachers, social workers and other groups of professionals who work with children, particularly those involved in child protection services.

I am also available to consult around strategies and advocacy, particularly with children who have been affected by FASD, and related challenges, who are struggling within the systems they are involved in. Invisible disabilities are always a challenge to understand and I have had years of experience working with dozens of families, hearing about stories and ideas, seeing successful strategies at home, in school and in society. FASD is a complex challenge and each person who struggles with it has unique strengths and challenges. I have developed short term and long term strategies for supporting and helping individuals achieve success in their lives.

Please contact me to see if there are ways that I am able to help your family or agency with training, advocacy or creating successful strategies.